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Anthony Rahayel

Akkar, North Lebanon (Anthony Rahayel)

In this video, Anthony Rahayel goes on a culinary journey through Akkar (عكّار‎), the northernmost governorate and district of Lebanon. He visits a number of villages and towns in this beautiful yet little-known region of Lebanon, including Andaket (عندقت), Bqerzla (بقرزلا), Fneideq (فنيدق), Hrar (القبيات). Video: Akkar, North Lebanon… As Not Seen on TV: The […]

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Mashrou’ Leila: Lil Watan (لِلْوَطَن)

Mashrou’ Leila’s “Lil Watan”, from their third album Raasuk (2013), describes an environment where patriotism is exploited, apathy and despair are cultivated, freedoms are surrendered in the name of national salvation, and challenges to the decrepit political order are met with claims of conspiracy and accusations of treason. Meanwhile the citizenry is distracted from its miserable circumstances with an invitation to “Come dance with me a bit.”

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