Private and Customized Classes

The Lebanese Arabic Institute schedules private and customized classes for students on demand and subject to availability. These classes may follow the same curriculum as group classes or they may be tailored to accommodate specific needs and interests, whether in colloquial Lebanese Arabic or Modern Standard Arabic. These classes offer a more focused and flexible approach to learning than is possible in a group class.

At any given time, there may be customized classes at various levels which are open to new students. You may join one of these classes or request your own private class.

Rates: The rates for private and customized classes are as follows:

$30/hour for 1 person
$20/hour/person for 2 persons ($40 total)
$15/hour/person for 3 persons ($45 total)
$12/hour/person for 4 or more persons

Please note that students are responsible for paying any relevant textbook fees for private or customized classes.

Cancellation Policy: Our long-term private and customized classes have a very generous cancellation policy. For each calendar month, a student is permitted to cancel (provided 24-hour notice is given) a maximum of the equivalent of one week of classes per month without penalty. For example, a student scheduled for 3 hours per week is permitted to cancel (provided 24-hour notice is given) a maximum of 3 hours per calendar month without penalty. Any amount in excess of this will be charged. In case the proper 24-hour notification is not given, the full charge is applied for the lesson.

Rescheduling Policy: Although we are under no obligation to accommodate requests for makeup lessons, we always do our best to fulfill such requests whenever possible.

Resuming Lessons after an Absence: We value our loyal students and always do our best to reintegrate students into our schedule when they wish to resume lessons after an extended absence. As a courtesy, we may, upon request and at our discretion, hold reservations at no charge for students intending to return to lessons after a period of absence not exceeding one month, provided that a specific date for the resumption of lessons is given in advance of the absence. If the student does not resume lessons by the date given, then the reservation lapses and the space may be given to someone else.

If you are interested in a private or customized class, whether in Lebanese Arabic or Modern Standard Arabic, please let us know by filling out the form below.

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