Schedule – Lebanese Arabic Group Classes

2024 Term Dates

TermStart DateEnd Date
2024 WinterJanuary 10March 8
2024 SpringMarch 11May 22
2024 SummerJune 3August 2
2024 Autumn 1August 21October 18
2024 Autumn 2October 21December 20

Please note that scheduled classes do not necessarily coincide with the term start and end dates indicated above.

Timetables of Online Courses

The Lebanese Arabic Institute is currently offering online courses only, and this will continue for the foreseeable future.

Because students join our online courses from many different locations around the world, we present the relevant scheduling information (dates, days, and times) in various time zones and with accommodations made for multiple time zone rules.

To view the upcoming course schedules in your own local time, simply click on your region and time zone below. In order to avoid discrepancies, make sure to select a time zone whose example city follows the same daylight-saving rules as does your location.

Most time zones and time zone rules are covered, but feel free to let us know if your location is not represented or if you need any assistance understanding the course timings.

North America

For more information on the levels in our Lebanese Arabic program, please see our page on Courses in Lebanese Arabic.

Interested in joining a class?
For more information and to apply to join our program, please see our page on Lebanese Arabic Group Classes.

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