Jane Ferguson

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I have had various Arabic teachers over the years in a number of countries and Samar is by far the best. Her methodology is extremely thorough and prepares the pupil for real conversation and interaction with native Arabic speakers. She focuses on what is most useful to each student and shapes the lessons and materials around that rather than slavishly sticking to one text or learning plan. As such, Samar has worked with me on general conversational vocab that I am interested in learning in local dialects and Modern Standard, as well as more technical, media-related studies focusing on Arabic newspapers and broadcasts. She uses a number of very useful teaching aids such as videos, flashcards, and digital resources which make home study between classes much more engaging and productive. Time spent learning with Samar teaches you to really speak Arabic and use the knowledge you are gaining in a much more practical way than many other, more rigid teaching methodologies.

Jane Ferguson PBS Newshour Special Correspondent Lebanese Arabic Institute June 16, 2016