Study Lebanese Arabic with LAI from Africa and the Middle East

Shown below is the timetable of upcoming online courses in Lebanese Arabic, adjusted to the various time zones across Africa and the Middle East.

UTC−01:00 year-round: Praia (CVT)

UTC±00:00 year-round: Abidjan, Accra (GMT)

UTC+01:00 year-round: Lagos, Luanda (WAT); Algiers (CET)

UTC+02:00 year-round: Johannesburg (SAST); Harare (CAT)

UTC+02:00/+03:00: Beirut (EET/EEST)

UTC+03:00 year-round: Ankara (TRT); Riyadh (AST); Nairobi (EAT)

UTC+04:00 year-round: Dubai (GST); Port Louis (MUT)

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