Registration and Fees

The following information applies to registration for a group class. If you are interested in registering for a private or customized class, please click here.

Registration for group classes

Group classes normally consist of three to ten students and are offered at regular intervals throughout the year (see current schedule). In order to register and reserve a place in a group class, students must fill out a registration form and pay all relevant course fees. Students may fill out a registration form in person at the Institute or they may submit an online registration form.

Students who are new to the Institute (with the exception of absolute beginners) are also required to take a placement test. This test is free and ensures that you are placed at an appropriate level. This test is normally conducted in person at the Institute. Students should contact the Institute in advance to set an appointment for the test.

Registration is open until the class is full or until three business days prior to the beginning of classes, whichever comes first. Late registration is possible at our discretion, and subject to availability.

Please note that students have not completed their registration and are not permitted to attend classes until payment has been received in full. As a courtesy, however, and subject to availability, we will hold reservations for students who have not yet paid until three business days prior to the beginning of classes, provided that the students have submitted a registration form and (if applicable) taken the placement test. If we have not received payment by that time, then the reservation lapses and the space may be given to someone else. No reservations without payment will be made when there are less than three business days remaining before the beginning of class.


Payment must be made at the Institute in cash (either U.S. dollars or Lebanese pounds). We do not currently accept credit cards.


The cost of a group class depends on the total number of class hours, and is calculated at the rate of $10 per class hour per person. Please note that one class hour is defined as a 55-minute teaching session and a 5-minute break. Each student is required to make a lump-sum payment in advance for the total cost of the class. There are no discounts for students who miss classes.

The textbook and/or supplemental materials are provided free of charge to each student registering for a group class, with the exception of students who have previously enrolled in a course at that same level and have therefore already received the course materials. Upon request, a student who has successfully completed a course receives a certificate of completion.

Refunds and Credit

The registration fee for group classes is refundable if a student who wishes to withdraw notifies the Institute in writing before the second class session. Please note that two business days are required to process the request and issue the refund. If the student wishes to keep the book or if it is not returned in mint condition, $35 will be subtracted from the amount to be refunded ($15 in the case of the Arabic Alphabet book). The registration fee will not be refunded after the second class session.

A student who wishes to withdraw from a class before the end of the first week may receive credit at the Institute if a request to that effect is made in writing before the end of the first week of the class. The amount of credit will be determined by the remaining hours in the class at the time of the request.

Credit is valid for any equivalent class at the Institute for a period of one year. Credit may not be transferred from one person to another.

Cancellation Policy

The Lebanese Arabic Institute reserves the right to cancel any group class in the event that less than 3 students have registered for the class. Students who have registered in a cancelled class may join another class, receive a full refund, or receive full credit for a future class, in accordance with their preference.

Registration Form

Students may register in person at the Institute or by filling out the online registration form. Please bear in mind that registration is not complete until payment has been received in full.