Intensive Summer Arabic 2020

Are you interested in learning Arabic this summer in Beirut? Are you looking for high-quality instruction at an affordable price and in a friendly and encouraging environment?

From June to August 2020, the Lebanese Arabic Institute (LAI) is offering an intensive Lebanese Arabic program at all proficiency levels, from complete beginner to advanced (Levels 1-7), as well as an intensive MSA program at the beginner and elementary levels (Levels 1-3).

UPDATE: We are no longer receiving applications for the Intensive Summer Arabic 2020 program. However, we are offering a variety of online study opportunities.

If you are interested in studying Lebanese Arabic online in a small group (intensively or non-intensively), please apply via the Lebanese Arabic Group Classes page.

If you are interested in studying Lebanese Arabic or Modern Standard Arabic online in private lessons (intensively or non-intensively), please apply via the Private and Customized Classes page.


The Lebanese Arabic Institute (LAI) opened its doors in 2016, and has quickly acquired a reputation for curricular and teaching excellence. Blending practical and theoretical learning approaches, we aim to help all our students build a strong foundation in Arabic, whether they are learning colloquial or formal varieties of the language.

Our programs are well-structured, yet flexible enough to meet the needs of individual students. We offer courses at finely-tuned proficiency levels, and place students into small group classes (typically three to six students per class, with an absolute maximum of ten), thus ensuring that each student has plenty of opportunity for personalized attention.

Adrienne Clermont,
Medical Student at Weill Cornell Medical College
"I took the Level 4 intensive Arabic class at LAI this summer and had a fantastic experience! It is so hard to find colloquial Arabic classes that focus on grammar and have clear explanations of all the rules -- LAI does such a great job with this. The classes are well structured and fun, the teachers are excellent, and the books (written by the Institute) are such valuable resources for understanding colloquial Arabic. The classes are a great value for money. I can't recommend LAI highly enough, and I hope to go back!" (
Evelyn Richardson,
PhD student in Comparative Literature at the University of Chicago
"The Lebanese Arabic Institute is an outstanding educational establishment, run by brilliant people. I’ve studied Arabic at several renowned universities (Oxford, University of Chicago, SOAS), and I’d go so far as to say that LAI provide the best instruction in Arabic that I’ve received anywhere... I highly recommend studying here. You won’t find a better Arabic language school." (
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